11 July 2009

More trauma pages

The trauma pager has beeped a few more times and I've seen multiple bike vs. car and a falling off a 30 foot ladder. Think chest tubes, intubation, consults with a neurosurgeon and lot of leg fractures. Any thoughts I had of becoming a bicyclist are definitely out. Mostly I just watch the trauma team in action, but occasionally I get to do things like put a gown on the person, stabilize the neck while rolling him.. small things of that nature.

I've also had two more gen med clinics. Yesterday's was particularly cool because Dr. K went in and did the appointment (without me), then sent me in to try my hand (observed by Dr. P). I asked my questions, did a limited physical exam and then explained what I thought it was and attempted to address the patients concerns and questions. Upon debrief with Dr. K and Dr. P... I got it RIGHT! I successfully diagnosed a real patient based only on information I gathered myself in real time. I have to admit, that felt really really good.

There was a second ego boost later in the day when the M4 on trauma rotation was quizzing the M3s on surgery about thoracotomy and pneumothorax. M3s didn't have a clue (and I knew all the answers, but kept my mouth shut because no one likes a show off). The current M3 class has been running around patting themselves on the back for their record-breaking board scores (their average was the highest at UofM ever), but they are being outdone by lowly little M2s in the trauma bay.

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