06 July 2009

My first overnight

It's the morning of my first overnight in the hospital. I was here from 10am-4pm on Sunday getting samples for anesthesia and working on charts for cardiology. When I checked my email on arrival at home, I found out there was going to be a liver transplant that evening. I took a quick nap, ate some food and headed back to the hospital. I spent the night in the OR, pestering the anesthesiologists with questions and asking for samples. Did you know that post liver transplant the person will have no gallbladder? I spent the wee hours of the morning processing the blood and urine. I just returned from putting it in the -20/-70 freezers. In less than two hours I have trauma/burn rounds, after which I will run home to shower/change into professional dress and return to the hospital for noon conference and trauma clinic. At about 6pm I will be able to go home and crash. And you know what? It's fantastic fun!

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