13 July 2009

Yet more trauma

It started off well. I was studying in a coffeeshop when my trauma pager went off. It's silly, but I felt a little cool reading the page out to my friend and booking it out of there.

"Class 2 M, Go cart vs truck, blunt, 115/78, not intubated, unk GCS, ETA 8 min"

It turned out the patient was pretty much ok - just a closed tib/fib fracture. He had been transferred to our hospital mostly because of questionable change in mental status, which it became quickly clear was not the case.

On my way back to my car to drive home and contine studying (well, doing write-ups on clinic patients) the pager goes off again (in front of more people!).

"Class 1, M, ATV vs tree, blunt, 123/80, intubated, GCS 3, ETA 10 mins."

It turned out ATV vs tree was actually fell-off-the-back-of-moving-pickup-truck. For those non-medical folk, GCS of 3 is very bad. It's a scale of 3-15 based on eye opening, movement and vocalization. A 3 means you have none of the above. He displayed from priapism (look it up if you don't know), indicating decreased sympathetic tone. On CT he had an impressive skull fracture and significant uncal herniation.

While eating a delayed dinner, the pager again beeps.

"Class 2, M, dirt bike accident, GCS 15, not int, in ER"

Five minutes later...

"Adult, class 2, motorcycle accident, left ankle lac, 148/68, HR 118, GCS 15, ETA 5mins"

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