02 April 2011

Overdue Update

I apologise for my absence. I was on rotation in downtown Detroit and the temporary crash-pad did not have internet (?!). I was on neurology, which is not at the top of my super-interesting-material list, but I did get to spend two weeks in the neuro-ICU and I do so love any kind of ICU. Bring me your super-sick, your actively dying and I will go to work with enthusiasm and diligence.

One of the wonderful things about this new hospital was the white chocolate macadamia cookies. And the Monday schwarma lunches. Yummy. Also interesting was editing my fellow's notes for proper English grammar and spelling (yes, I was called upon for spelling).

There was one very sad case: a patient who had a stroke at the young age of 41. We don't know why. He's now densely hemiplegic (can't move half of his body) and non-verbal. While under our care his wife found out she's pregnant. She's going to have a new baby and a husband in inpatient rehab who also needs her care. While rounding each morning he would start crying; he is cognitively intact and aware of his prognosis: he will likely not get much movement back.

In personal life news (yes, neurology is one of the rotations in which a life is possible), I've taken up P90X, which is quite challenging, but awesome. I finally had a good night out dancing, which I sorely needed. Sometimes there's just nothing like a cocktail and a good song to dance too. I even made some friends in Detroit, so hopefully I'll spend some more time exploring the city. Oh, and I signed up for motorcycle classes... shhh... don't tell my parents. It's going to be awesome when I visit them in May and hop on dad's Ducati! I'm working on signing up for tennis clinic, but it might be full. Boo.

Tomorrow morning is the beginning of Family Medicine... in Toledo. Also, the ramp up for studying for Step 2 (the second board exam, scheduled for June 2nd). Nevertheless, weekends off for another month so hopefully I'll be able to continue this whole "balance" thing.

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